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PiYo Flip  and PiYo Kick Thru Video Tutorial

PiYo Flip and PiYo Kick Thru Video Tutorial

Between my PiYo Live classes and my PiYo home workout challengers, I’ve had some requests for a video tutorial, explaining the PiYo Flip and PiYo Kick Thru a little more thoroughly.

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I hope that you find this video helpful! I’d love to know if you are doing the PiYo workout at home and if there are any other moves that you’d like to see! Feel free to leave a comment and let me know. I love this format and am so happy to help in any way (as long as you don’t mind a little video bomber! 😉  She’s pretty cute though, don’t you think?!)  This workout has made me so much more flexible, and a more flexible muscle has greater strength potential! I feel stronger than I ever have before in my life, but more importantly, my body simply feels the best it’s ever felt. Nothing can beat that feeling, and I just want everyone to feel this good, inside and out! Again, I’m always happy to answer questions and you can comment below or find me on Facebook!

Thanks for watching!

xo, Holly



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  1. I did the flip correctly for the 1st time this morning thanks to this video! Yay – feels much better when you do it right:)

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