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PiYo PushUp Variations/Progression

PiYo PushUp Variations/Progression

As a PiYo cast member and PiYo Live Instructor, I wanted to break down 4 different options for PiYo pushups, which you see in the DVD set and also in PiYo Live classes!


First, try and keep legs straight as you roll down/up, one vertebra at a time. Also, try and walk out and back using only 3 hand presses; that forces you to use your core a bit more!

1. First option, you can simply hold a plank, or do 3 leg lifts while in plank (as shown.) Keep hips low, core tight, and neck in neutral alignment, wrists under shoulders.
2. Drop to your knees and do the 3 PiYo, or tricep, pushups on your knees. The key with the PiYo pushup is to keep the elbows in tight to the rib cage, and don’t let your torso drop below the level of your elbows as you lower down.
3. Do the tricep pushups on your toes
4. Do the tricep pushups but add leg lifts as you lower your body to the floor

I show two tricep pushups facing the camera in slow motion at the end so you can see how close my elbows are to my torso. They literally skim my torso/rib cage, never pulling away.

If you are new to doing PiYo/tricep pushups, remember that they are hard! Start off slow and use the modifications. It’s much better to modify with proper form because you’ll target the triceps (back of the arm) and they WILL get stronger! If you let your elbows bow out to the sides, then you aren’t targeting the triceps and you will end up possibly hurting your shoulders.

Let me know if you have any questions! If you live in Orange County, CA…come take a live class with me! Find me on Facebook at

Thanks for reading! If you ever have any requests, please feel free to leave a comment!

xo Holly

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