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My Soulmate Workout…Turbo Fire!

My Soulmate Workout…Turbo Fire!

Turbo FireI want to explain to you how I found out that Turbo Fire was my soulmate workout. Do you know what having a ‘soulmate’ workout means? Do you have one? If not, let me help you find one! Here’s the thing: I wasn’t always addicted to exercise! I exercised because I knew it was good for me, but I didn’t necessarily love it. I fell off the exercise wagon plenty of times; I bounced from one workout to another until I got bored. And then….Turbo came into my life!

So let’s go back a few years when my youngest daughter was a baby. I had a baby and a toddler, and was a stay at home mom. I wouldn’t leave my kids at the gym, so I HAD to work out at home. I had done every DVD under the sun: Step Aerobics, Tae Bo, Jillian Michaels, etc. They were all fine, but I had to force myself to do them. Then I would just get bored and stop altogether. I was having a harder time losing the baby weight with my second child, so naturally I was frustrated. There was a mom in my moms’ group who was always talking about this ‘Turbo’ workout but I had never heard of it. But I sensed her passion about it so I ordered Turbo Jam. It was love at first punch. In one word: ADDICTED. I looked forward to it each and every day. I loved punching and kicking and adding a little dance-y hip hop groove to it. The music was great, the trainer Chalene Johnson was so likeable, had that girl-next-door vibe, and somehow motivated me like no one else had before. I couldn’t get enough of it!!  I ordered one pound weighted gloves and used those during the workout. One pound doesn’t seem like much but when you are punching and speed-bagging for 30-60 minutes, it’s a LOT, trust me!

I will never forget the day that I was in the bathroom blow drying my hair. My arms were up and I had a tank top on. I saw…..a BICEP. At this point the baby weight was gone, but I wasn’t exactly super toned. So seeing a bicep POP out of my arm was pretty darn cool! I got excited and decided right then and there that I wanted more muscle! Turbo Jam only had a few workouts and I got bored pretty quickly since I was doing it every single day. Turbo Fire had just been released, so I ordered that.  Turbo Fire was a much bigger set, and at $120, I was praying that I loved it as much as Turbo Jam. Well, Turbo Fire blew Turbo Jam out of the water!!  Music is CRAZY good (not like the boring music that you hear on most workout DVDs), there were 10+ workouts to pick from, so I knew I wouldn’t get bored, and the workouts were more challenging! I got into the best shape of my life! I was addicted. I knew that I would never NOT do Turbo again. I knew that Chalene Johnson was my soulmate trainer and Turbo Fire was my soulmate workout.

So I think you know what Soulmate Workout means now, right?!  It’s the workout that you love, you crave, you cannot get enough of. It leaves you feeling energized, and excited about life, and confident. It has gotten you into the best shape that you could ever imagine, and you cannot believe that it was actually FUN getting there! You want to introduce everyone you know to it. You can’t stop talking about it. My wish is that everyone finds their soulmate workout. You don’t have to end up teaching or working in fitness, BUT you will have a reason to exercise every single day! And we all know how important exercise is! The key is just finding something that you love.

Turbo Fire

So yes, Turbo Fire is my soulmate workout, because it did all of those things are MORE. The very best part about Turbo, is that I finally decided to join a local gym because I heard that the gym version of Turbo Fire, called Turbo Kick, was offered there. And…..wait for it…..Chalene Johnson herself taught it there!! Are you KIDDING me?! So I get to take a live Turbo class with other people, instead of by myself, AND Chalene herself is teaching it?! One of the best decisions that I ever made was joining that gym, because not only did I get to thank Chalene in person for changing my life, I met some of the best friends that I’ve ever had in my life. You may even call them ‘Soulmate Friends.’  🙂  We instantly connected, we ‘get’ each other and our passion for fitness and all things Turbo and Hip Hop, and we became best friends. We get to take classes every week with Chalene, and she has actually become a friend. Chalene has truly changed my life, and if you want to know more about that, you can read a short blog post about that here. And it’s not just about fitness, it actually goes much deeper.

Turbo Fire

So with that said, you have the opportunity to get Turbo Fire, which I originally paid $120 for, for only $10!  It is included in the Turbo Fire Challenge Pack promotion this month, so when you buy Shakeology, you get Turbo Fire for an additional $10! Read more about Shakeology HERE. I have been drinking it for lunch every single day for 3 years. It has improved my health, lowered my cholesterol, and saved me money on groceries and eating out. Please reach out to me if you have any questions. If you are friends with me, you understand my passion for Turbo. I went on to get certified to teach it, despite my public speaking fears, JUST because I wanted to share it with the world. So message me via my blog, or find me on Facebook and send me a message there! (Link is on my Home Page)
Thank you for reading!
xo Holly

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